Introducing: Tatcha x Helena Quinn Ombre Silk Robe!

Tatcha + Helena Quinn Silk Robe

Helena Quinn +Tatcha Silk Robe

Helena Quinn + Tatcha Silk Robe




We are so excited to announce our very first collaboration with skin care darling, Tatcha! For centuries, silk has enrobed geisha and Japanese nobles. To this day, silk remains the most luxurious fabric of all. To bring you a modern, wearable take on a dressing robe, we partnered with Tatcha, to create The Silk Ombre Robe. Dip-dyed by hand, and sewn in downtown Los Angeles, this robe drapes elegantly for a relaxed silhouette. 
The piece will be available on Tatcha's website on 3/25/18. But in the mean time, don't forget to take a peek at all of our NEW SPRING ARRIVALS here, for a range of other new silky beauties to choose from and pamper yourself in!