Helena Quinn COVID-19 Fundraiser

I keep thinking of Mr. Rogers famous quote, “look for the helpers”. 
Right now, those helpers are our Doctors, Nurses, Health Care Workers, and First Responders (amongst many others). They are working long hours under extreme conditions, putting their lives and the lives of their families at risk for the greater good. 

S O  H E R E ' S  T H E  P L A N:

We will be auctioning off 5-6 Different 'Work From Home' Bundles ranging from $500 - $1250. Your purchase will directly feed and care for the medical community and first responders in Los Angeles. 100% of the sales from this fundraiser will go toward paying a local restaurant (also very much in need of our support), to cook and deliver hot and nourishing meals to our Cedars Sinai community over the next few weeks, in as many deliveries as we can make happen. 


Let's take care of the people who are taking care of us.  

With love and gratitude,

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